Are You Thinking About Investing In Property?

March 23rd, 2015

Latest figures out suggest that house prices in Oxford are less affordable than London with the average house price in the city being 16.1 times the local average income, compared with 15.7 times in London. Totally unachievable for many people.

The most recent edition of Oxford University Professor, Danny Dorling’s, All That is Solid, is an assessment of Britain’s housing crisis and points out the problems which are peculiar to Oxford. It is one of the country’s most economically successful cities, but it is hemmed in by greenbelt so that no building of much needed homes outside the inner city is possible.

This is a major issue for most people, but for those with money to invest, it is a positive scenario! As people cannot afford to purchase their own property, it means that the rental market is thriving and properties in all price bands are very much in demand. Young professionals, students and families here for the schools are all searching. Therefore, if you are thinking about entering the buy to let market, now is the best time to do it!

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